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The Kaushal Digital Badge is awarded to candidates who have successfully passed the skills based assessment exam. Kaushal Digital Badge is an initiative to recognize talent using verifiable digital credentials representing the knowledge acquired and achievement of the candidate.

Every candidate awarded the Kaushal Digital badge will have to undergo the following procedure –

  • Candidates will receive an email notifying to claim your badge.
  • Click the link in the email to confirm your candidature.
  • Claim your badge.
  • Start sharing.

Kaushal Digital Badge Applicability

  • The Kaushal Digital Badge can be shared on any digital platform such as social media such as linked, email signature, embed in your resume.
  • The Kaushal Digital Badge is authenticated by CTI, Jabalpur and trusted by employers, colleagues and industry partners
  • The Kaushal Digital Badge is well accepted and authenticated on Top Job Portals to showcase your expertise.
  • The Kaushal Digital Badge is one of the best source to combine your credentials and provides a wide spectrum of your skills.