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Recognition of Prior Learning also referred to as RPL indicates the process of assessment used to evaluate an existing skillset, knowledge and experience of a candidate obtained either by formal, non-formal or informal learning. The three pillars of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) includes –

  • Firstly, it targets to energize the skills of the un-regulated workforce towards developed superior work opportunities.
  • Secondly, to boost employability opportunities as well as provide alternative routes to higher education.
  • Thirdly, to offer a platform to build skills and improvise as per the industry standards for building efficiency and bridging the competency gap.

 Value of Kaushal Certification

Indeed Certification primarily focuses on acknowledging of educational and training achievements. Some of the key characteristics that a certification program are based on –

  • Learning
  • Validation
  • Recognition

As per stats, it has been found that people take certification not only for appraisals or rise in salary or alternative employment but with the aim to improve their reputation among colleagues, increase competence and confidence so as to be able to work on more multifaceted projects.

Since certification helps in distinguishing individuals to demonstrate their domain knowledge or skills needed for a specific profile. Therefore CTI Jabalpur has initiated professional certification – KAUSHAL offering tangible benefits to both the individual and the employer.

About Kaushal

“We believe in practice-based learning”

With the experience and expertise in the training sector, CTI Jabalbur collaborates to launch the Kaushal Certification programme, an endeavour for a better and brighter future.

Kaushal Certifications is recognized as a mark of quality excellence across industries. The certification programme has been designed to advance your career, improve your organizational skills, as well as prepare you to become a more proficient and effective quality-focused professional. Kaushal offers certifications drafted by expert professionals to deliver perfection. The certification programme has been offered across several domains to help you assess your skills for better learning opportunities.

Benefits of Kaushal Certification

  • Market relevance and applicability: The Kaushal certification programme helps professionals to remain updated and make their knowledge more relevant and applicable. Since it is utmost important to stay current almost in every industry seeking competency upgrade. Kaushal Certification programme is one step towards skills updation and training, to promote prior learning to recognize the progress of the professionals as well as assist the recruiters and market in general to filter best minds.
  • Helps towards self-accomplishment: Moreover, there is an established relationship between certification and on-the-job performance as it measures the skills and knowledge to perform a particular role. According to a study, certification not only increase confidence but also appears as self-accomplishment. Also, recruiters validate certification as a worthwhile career investment.
  • Setting up a Benchmark: With an increase in the competitive global employment platform, Kaushal certification programme allows individuals to distinguish themselves from others. For any recruiter be it in any field, Kaushal certification assures that the applicant is trained to perform, goal-oriented, committed to the profession as well as, possesses validated knowledge and skills. Moreover, having a certification in your wallet not only sets up a level but also considered as a benchmark for performance.
  • Matching Industry Standards: Kaushal Certifications is one of the keys to move up the ladder in industries seeking rapid progression. Thereby, helping recruiters to identify the professionals possessing the latest skills and knowledge to perform and move up the cadre toward leadership. Moreover, the certification helps in analyzing candidates in need of advanced training to upgrade.
  • Improved Earning Potential: Kaushal certification programme not only aims to improve and upgrade your professional knowledge but also improve marketability, as well as the earning potential. As per statistics, many candidates holding Kaushal certifications tend to be in a higher salary slab than those who do not.
  • Academic recognition: Kaushal Certifications one of the finest ways to recognize the academic and inferential ability of the candidate. Companies place a high value on professional credentials and work experience. In the present scenario, certifications are also sponsored by companies, professional and volunteer associations, training suppliers, and government agencies to evaluate and assess the academic potential of the candidate.

Kaushal Certification is an endeavour to offer candidates with the platform seeking value addition to their knowledge and opportunity to explore and plan for career advancement. Moreover, Kaushal Certification programme acts a bridge between candidates and companies looking for expert professionals motivated to upgrade their performance in order to be current and market-ready.

Competency-based Learning

Competency-based learning is one of the primary methods of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting depending on the performance and knowledge acquired by candidates as they progress through their core curriculum.

Kaushal Certification implements the Competency-based learning approach to education with the focus on the candidates learning outcomes with reference to their learning process.

Kaushal Certification essentially focuses on the candidate’s progression on the learning at their own pace. Thereby, achieving competencies by learning and practicing, as candidates continue to progress. Further, as a competency-based learning program the focus is on observable skills and proficiency. With the given competency-based learning system, Kaushal Certification offers support to candidates to practice and continue until required expertise and skills have been achieved.

The focus of the certification programme is to measure the efficiency and expertise achieved in the process of learning, rather than the number of hours spent in a restricted environment.

Kaushal offer Competency-Based Learning Platform with the following key focus areas

  • Focus on Integrated Development: Kaushal Certification works towards holistic development of the candidate. Also, with this approach, candidates are motivated to learn and acquire knowledge to apply them in real-time scenario.
  • Learner Centric: The certificate programme is centered on every learner’s individual requirement. Moreover, it offers each candidate with the opportunity to develop skills and acquire knowledge at their learning pace. Apart from that, it also promotes collaborative learning
  • Focus on the outcome: The prorgamme not only focuses on the final outcome but also the learning path chosen to achieve it. The motto is to build skills and test knowledge to prove your potential reflected on your learning achievements.
  • Practica Application of Knowledge: Kaushal certification focuses on not just factual knowledge but developing competency to face real-world concerns. It focuses more on the practical application of acquired knowledge.

Skill-based Assessments

Kaushal Certification Programme focuses on Skill Based assessment to evaluate the specific skill-based potential of the candidates. As per statistics, nearly 80 percent of the organizations prefer to implement some form of skill assessment tests to evaluate the learning potential of their candidates. Kaushal Certification focuses on in-depth insights into the candidates that are not feasible to assess without a proper platform. We offer a wide variety of skill assessment tests to get a 360-degree check of the knowledge and proficiency of the candidate appearing ror the tests.

In general, skills acquired flag the accomplishment that a candidate can achieve on the job and our skill assessment tests have been built to assist the employers evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and skills required on the job.

Moreover. Kaushal Certification is one the largest skill assessment programmes used by companies to ensure that the candidates with optimum skills for the jobs are selected. Our skill assessment tests are increasingly becoming one of the primary tools used by companies to screen candidates